Friday, April 30, 2010

Fantastic! Our samples arrived!

Today, the box from Michael Miller arrived with or sample cuts of Patty Young's new knits!!! 
Wow! Yep! ~Wow! 

These are exceptional quality. I am not disappointed.  

I get samples of knits all the time that are almost laughably in their "thinness" and the colors are usually garish. Well, these are not. They are even prettier in real life than the picture shown here. I can hardly wait to sew with them. 

Yeah, I know, how can I want to sew anything else this week! I finished a little skirt this morning, then, when I got home today from the shop (I was getting everything ready for our sidewalk sale tomorrow), I made another outfit. I "discovered" a new technique to give myself more time to sew. . . I stopped and got my husband one of those new Peach Milk Shakes from "the chikin place" (you know which one). Anyway, he didn't get hungry for dinner for quite some time. And so . . . I whipped up another little skirt and a top. I was sewing "Nina" from Mod Kid. This was my first time to use this pattern. Oh, how I love her patterns! The instructions are so clear, there are great pictures and everything matches up - wow, imagine that! Well, its off to bed for me. The sidewalk sale show tomorrow should be fun. And, of course, I just finished putting lots of things on sale on the website as well. I know that not ALL of our customers can make it to the shop!

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