Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Only 3 Weeks now!

                This is such an exciting time of the year for me! I go into hyper-mode (if that is even a word!) designing ~  picking out patterns, fabrics, buttons & trims for lots of new kits for summer which I love to debut at Martha's Sewing Market. At the shop new fabrics are being delivered daily. It really is a lot like Christmas! We've taken delivery on in three new collections from Moda, one from Michael Miller and another from Art Gallery. Oh my gosh they are all so pretty . . . who bought all of these??? And, that is only the cotton goods. There are also several big boxes of fashion fabrics: linens, silks, rayons, lawns, knits that have arrived. . . oh, my! With more on their way. So head is spinning with possibilities. I do not sleep much when I am in my super creative mode. Fortunately I have such an incredibly wonderful staff that is helping out by sewing samples at home. I cannot thank them enough. I am so blessed!

               Yesterday, I spent the entire day writing my instruction manual for my Sit 'n Sew class that I am teaching  the day before the market opens. This "handout" is a step by step directional guide that turned out to be 6 pages! Well, I am wanting to be easy enough for a beginner sewer to follow. I am really thrilled to be able to teach a class in which the students will get to make an entire project from beginning to end. Oh my gosh, it is going to be a fun day! Normally I teach several 45 minute seminars that are offered each day for free. This year I do have three seminars. These are listed on Martha's website as well as If you have not pre-ordered your tickets for the market yet, I encourage everyone to do so as you save a little money. You can also register for any of the Sit 'n Sew classes at the same time if you are interested. You do not have to bring your machines to class as they are provided by Baby Lock and your project comes in the form of a kit, which is part of your class fee.

               I have to get my pattern for the "Sit 'n Sew dress" finished today. It is pictured to the side here on my blog in pinks and yellows. There will also be a navy and lime green version. You get to choose which color way for your project. I thought that would be a nice touch. So, I am at my drafting table with paper, pencils and a stack of different rulers. I love this part! I can't wait till this summer when I plan on drafting some of my own patterns finally. I now am the proud owner of my own digitizer and a plotter. Yippee!

                  By the way, after I finish the pattern drafting today, I will need to finish a skirt (for grown-up ladies! ~the Stella skirt by Lila Tueller) that is destined to be a new kit and then start a blouse (the Funked Out Peasant Blouse, also by Lila). I cut out two new little girl outfits last night while watching/"listening" to American Idol. And, that is only what I am doing.  Janice, Linda & Kayleen all are working on projects for new kits that I have already designed: toys, purses, hats and cute little clothes.   I will keep everyone posted as to the progress each day as it is rather invigorating! I should write  about my "serger" emergency on that I had on Monday (or rather late Sunday night) . . . next blog post!

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  1. What a darling dress! Wish I could be there.