Thursday, October 22, 2009

We're back from the Festival!

We're back!
I can hardly believe that the show is over. Even though the show was 4 1/2 days, it went by really fast! We met so many wonderful happy sewers. We were able to put faces to names of many customers who order from the website ~ neat! Naturally we worked very hard and sold tons of merchandise. This was our forth year to exhibit at the Quilt Festival and by far our best show ever! We took two trucks to the show and only filled one to come home; and that was predominantly fixtures. Fantastic!

On my drive home I thought a lot about sewing and how it has brought me so much happiness. There is almost nothing that gives me as much pleasure to be at home creating a new "something". Years ago I sewed to make my own clothes, curtains, etc. because I just did not have the resources to buy them. Today, you can certainly buy things on sale for less than it costs to make them. Especially when everything is manufactured somewhere "far far away"! So, why do we sew? I believe that it has more to do with being creative as it allows us to express ourselves. Sewing is a stress reliever; it is intellectually stimulating as it challenges us to learn new skills and it is just plain fun!
What are your thoughts on sewing?

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  1. Well, since you asked! I was just taking a break from a project that was about to make me pull out my hair! Relaxing? Huh! Actually, after I took a few deep breaths, and looked at my cute little make-up bag, I was very pleased. It was a learning project - putting in a zipper... without you to help me! Ack! But, I did it and I loved the whole process! Can't wait for the retreat! See you soon!