Thursday, October 15, 2009

From the Festival!

We spent all evening on Tuesday as well as half the day on Wednesday unloading the truck, unpacking boxes and setting up our booths. Yes, the rain had subsided by then, but the humidity was about 150%.  Just lovely! But, everything looked fabulous by the time we left for lunch and, like I said in an earlier email, it was truly an explosion of color!

The Festival opened Wednesday evening at 5pm with a private showing for the Houston Quilt Guild ~ until 7pm. After 7 the convention center opened to the general public for "preview night" ~ until 10pm! Yep, we were exhausted. There was a nice crowd of people for the opening, but not too many.

Today was a different story; the halls were so full you could hardly get to the restrooms! There is such an air of excitement with so many sewers all in one place! Needless to say our booths were swamped all day long ~ am I content or what! We even had to order more patterns by midday to be over-nighted; unbelievable. And, they say our economy is "not good". Well, you know how it is when you have a passion ~ you just save your money for special occasions and your hobbies.

Here are a few pictures of us setting up the booths that I thought you might want to see. Tomorrow I will get out of our little "store" and take pictures of the festival for all to "see".


  1. I will definitely put this event on my calendar for 2010. You will be bringing all these new patterns to the retreat? If you have anything left, just keep the truck loaded for us.

  2. Believe me I will even more cool stuff for the retreat!