Tuesday, October 6, 2009

My oh my, have I ever been sewing! In the past two weeks I have designed 7 New Kits! Five for children and two for ladies. In just the last week, I have sewn up all of them! Yes, the Houston International Quilt Festival is next week and we will be more than ready!

       I started with a new holiday themed dress, "Fa-la-la" ~ seen to your left. Isn't she cute!

followed that with "Fruit Loops" (dress to your right)
and then "Skipper"(a pants outfit) - picture coming soon.

I thought that I was done then with "Pebbles" (another dress ~ no picture yet as I decided to reverse the sleeves).

BUT, on Saturday, our new PINK FIG patterns arrived. They are sooooooo adorable!!!
So, I immediately started pulling down bolts of fabric to design a "Juliet Top" with a "Nie Nie Skirt" to match.

Of course, they demanded a little blouse to pair with them, so I pulled out my "Olivia" pattern to sew one up. I just got that done this afternoon. After I made a knit top for myself and ripped out the sleeves on the new "Pebbles". They needed to be a different fabric!

           I'm not going to post this new skirt yet until I get a picture of the completed outfit. This little pix is just to peek your interest!

Ruffles ruffles everywhere!

Details to follow on how I sped up the ruffling process!

     Wow! I think that I have made 8, no make than 10 new garments in the last ten days! Yes, two of those are just for me to wear to the Festival. Ugh, you know, I think that I am tired! I did manage to get the laundry done and go out with the hubby a couple of times, but not a lot of cooking got done and NO house cleaning. How do I do it? Well, that's two answers. But, the husband has been out of town a lot and both kids are away at school :(

My best "friend", Mr. Bialetti, my cappucino maker helps out a lot!


  1. Dear Lorene,
    I think you don't really exist. No real woman could do all that you describe and actually be flesh and blood. I think you are a myth created to make the rest of us get up and go.

    Oh yes, I learnt something: I hadn't known that 'hubby' is an American word as well as British and Australian.

  2. Nope! I am real and a bit crazy probably ~ or at least "obsessed with my passion"!