Thursday, November 8, 2012

Whew! The Houston Quilt Festival was amazing! We were so busy and sold out of so many items!!! We got to visit with many of our sewing sisters and meet a great many new ones - ah the memories!

Before the Festival I was cranking things out of my studio so fast I did not even take the time to write out the patterns. One "cutie" that I had made a couple of weeks ago for a class on how to make a  striped ruffle fabric skirts, was a big hit. Now, I did not even ask the shop to make up any kits until the Saturday before the sewing show. Luckily they had just cut a kit for a regular customer who had seen the skort hanging in the shop. So, it was not difficult for them to replicate it and bring a box of them to the show. They named the little skort "Playtime" which fits it perfectly! And, we sold out the first day!

Unfortunately, I had also told the shop that I would write up the directions and print them out in my hotel room to add to the kits. Well, as soon as I said that I promptly forgot all about it! Eeeks, too many things on my mind! 

So, for all of you who purchased the kit at the show, I have published it in my new book "Sewing with the New Ruffle Fabrics"!

PS. I think that the colors in this little skirt are better in "real life"!

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