Sunday, November 8, 2009

Mod Kid's New JULIA Skirt pattern

I have been wanting to make up this new little skirt pattern from Mod Kid patterns and finally did .  .  .   It is so cute that I want to wear it!
      I choose a slightly "older" girl look for the fabrics. I wanted it to be festive for the holidays, but not your typical red and green Christmas outfit. So, the green is more of a soft imperial jade with mums in crimson and gold. The leaves are a very dark rich forest green. For the under skirt, I could dare to be dark! So, I choose a coordinating black "Asian" print. The yoke is a "pieced and quilted"-look print that compliments nicely.

The pattern calls for the outter skirt to be "shirred with fabric strips from the inside. I chose to sew my casings on the outside and, instead of self-made fabric strips for the "ribbons", I opted for real ribbons. Of course, they had to be special and they are. Each of the two French ribbons is edged in gold!  Even the fabrics have golden highlights which makes the outfit so elegant!

To complete the outfit, I picked out a red tee shirt ~ actually because it was what in my sewing room. It thought  originally that a soft pink would be the ticket, but actually the red is so much better. Now, with the tee, the ensemble begged for more!  An elegant "corsages" seemed appropriate, so I was on to the next stage of the design. Patty Young's pattern has a flower pattern piece (actually three) that was the perfect size. I cut one out and sewed it on the tee shirt. The pattern also includes a center flower circle, so I cut one of those out too. Well, when I laid it on top of the flower it "disappeared".  So, I cut out another one in a different color. And, what do you know, it disappeared to. So, I cut out one more. Same problem. Okay, I could have looked for a different fabric, but I had three circles ready to go. So I held them all together like petals of a flower, stared at them and then decided to hand stitched them together. Then I hand sewed this in the center of the flower. The "corsage" still needed a little something. After a lot of digging, I found a small satin ribbon rose that was perfect! I added this to the center of my "petals" and pronounced it done!

The outfit was a joy to design and sew, so I have chosen to call her JOY! Naturally this little ensemble is one of my new kits and we have put it on our website just this evening.

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