Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The New Laminates!


                           Our shop now has over a dozen laminated cottons in stock with more on their way this fall! They are quite different from what we had available to us just a couple of years ago. They are light weight and SO EASY to sew! You do not really need a teflon foot and can use a regular sharp sewing needle ~ I use a 70. You CAN pin them as they "repair" themselves. They hardly crease at all. Why you can even press them ~ with a pressing cloth and a cooler iron than regular cottons! They are practically akin to sewing with a ordinary good quality cotton. 
                         We have several samples in the shop right now using the new laminated cottons: two Camille Insulated Bags (pattern by Serendipity Studios) and a Jack 'n Jill Hat (pattern by Izzy & Ivy). And, the best new of all is that we have already scheduled classes to make both of the afore mentioned projects!!! We will be posting in this blog the results of the class this fall, so stay tuned!

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