Thursday, February 11, 2010

Snowing & Sewing!

Can you believe that it is snowing here in Texas! And, it has been at it for hours and hours! Here is a picture out my kitchen window at my back yard. I think that there must be at least 5" on my diving board now ~ well, no swimming today! It is a great day to stay home, go without make-up (yes, no one is home today but me!!!), catch up on the laundry, mail and SEW!!!!

I finished my laminated shopping bag this morning. It took less than an hour from cutting out to finishing up with a little velcro closure. I am going to write up my pattern instructions today and we will start cutting some kits maybe by tomorrow at the shop. Provided that the roads have not iced over. You see, we do NOT drive on this snow and ice down here. No one would want us to as we have No experience!

Here is a picture of my shopping tote ~ isn't cute! Now, if I can just remember to keep it in the car for when I go to the grocery store!

Note "one" of my sewing machines in the background. Yes, I decorate my house with sewing machines; I have four antique ones that sit around making me smile & yes, they all do work! I also decorate with fabric; see the great woven wool on the back of the sofa - I simply zig zagged the two ends and frayed them. It makes a beautiful "throw" for my sofa, or a "shawl" if I am cold. And, if I ever decide what to make with it, I can cut it up! In the meanwhile, I just admire the great weave, color and feel!

My next project is the new "Stella" skirt by Lila Tueller.  I started it the night before last and am working on the layers of ruffles today. It is really coming along and is coming out so much more "elegant" than I had imagined. I am using four different prints from a collection from Basic Grey called, "Eva".  I am frankly a linen, wool, silk aficionado when it comes to sewing garments for myself ~ not as much just cotton prints. BUT, this is really cute and I will definitely be wearing it. I already have the boots and sweater picked out. Ah, such a "clothes horse".

I think that I'll make another one of these right away. I like to figure out a pattern and then, while it is fresh on my mind, make another one. It always is faster the second time around!

 Here is my next color choice! Springy, hug? I'll make the entire skirt out of just this one print. This will be great with a tee and a pair of sandals. Of course, I'll have to wait for the snow to go away before I wear this one.

See the fabric that is on the front of the pattern envelope? Well, I was straightening up the fabrics yesterday in our "cotton" room and found that we have that exact print in stock! Hmmm . . .  maybe I should make up one in the same print that Lila made her sample skirt out of - after all, it is from her own fabric line!

Ah, it is a perfect day for creating, relaxing, drinking hot tea and sewing!
 My dog is looking at me wondering if we are gong to play football today.
 I don't know . . . 

I hope that you are having fun in your sewing room today too!

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