Friday, January 22, 2010

Wow! I can finally see the sofa!

I have been cleaning up my sewing room little by little this week so that it will be ready for my next big round of KIT sewing. There are already several new kits floating around in my head and some even cut out. I did take breaks to start on these fun little numbers. Then, I would go back to the organizing. Most of the time, you cannot "see" -  much less sit on this sofa! But now I could even have company in my studio. Wow, this feels so good. I just know that I am going to be more productive. I love organization, it brings about a certain inner peace!

During this major "clean-up", I  bagged up all of my  "UFO's"  to make room for the New sewing projects. I like to keep my projects in giant clear zip-loc bags. Once they are cut out, they go back in the bag, along with the necessary trims, buttons, etc. All ready for sewing!

I even organized all of my serger threads (see the two plastic boxes to the bottom left) and then filed away all of my patterns that were laying about. I have lots of these little plastic crates that I keep my more popular patterns in - just ready to be snatched out for action. Each box holds a particular type of garment; i.e. skirts, blouses, etc. This is my ladies' section of the "library"! The adjacent shelf holds my current children's patterns! Why you can even see the carpet in here now - amazing! And, it feels so good.

 And, check out this sewing area!
See . . . there are pattern pieces on the work area ready to go and the machine is all threaded up! Yeah . . .I am ready to get to work! Ah, but is it really "work" ~ no, this is the fun part!

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  1. You are sure takoing advantage of your "unemployment" - the studio looks great and I know we will be seeing lots of great things soon!