Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sewing Maniac!

As I make my "to do" list this morning, I consider - for just a moment - that perhaps I am tired. This past week I spent three days learning how to sew on laminated fabrics (I will share soon) as I made two new kits for raincoats. One is for a child and the other, matching, is for "Mom"! Yes, Washington, I am thinking of your climate as I prepare for the BIG  Puyallup Sewing Expo (just outside of Seattle). After being "in school" as is seemed, I treated myself to an old favorite (fabric) and made a new women's wool jacket (grey and heather) ~ yes this one is also destined to be a kit. Oooh, and I love it! 

One of my recent goals has been to make new samples of each  line of children's patterns that we carry. I have been working on Katie Cupcake patterns this week: Little Miss Sassafras & The Cargo Pants.  These are for my class in Puyallup. Whew! And, is that all?, well, no ~ not actually. I finished up a NEW Cuppy Cake kit (in sapphire blue), a new little girl's skirt kit; complete with an embellished tee (in peacock blue, hot pink & lime green) as well as an appliqued pair of lavender jeans to match a new fleece jacket kit (which Linda sewed up).  Last week, in addition to designing all of the above,  I sewed up a new apron kit for women ~ and what might the theme be for this one? . . .  coffee cups and donuts! I love aprons. I do not know if it is because I like sewing them or wearing them. Usually I forget to put one on when I am cooking, but I do have quite a collection! And, who has time to cook when they are a sewing maniac! Trust me, I do not usually sew quite this much on a daily basis. But, we (meaning all of us at have four big sewing shows this Spring. Oooh, am I crazy or what? I really should have my head examined.

So, where are all of these NEW kits? Well, a few are still awaiting their "portrait", some are in the editing stage of their picture and ALL are being cut as kits. We should be putting them on the site within a few days. BUT, wait, that is not all! I did say at the beginning of this entry that I am making my "to do" list this morning. I have SIX more garments to sew this week!  ~ all will be new kits.  Linda, Janice & Wendy  have volunteered to sew the OTHER 8!!! Yes, I have been very busy designing and sewing in my newly organized sewing studio. Even though I am a little tired - my eyes are burning this morning (ah, I just need more coffee or maybe it is just allergies), this really is the funnest part of my business. Yes, I remind myself that I am having fun! Now. . .  if my vendors would cooperate and get all of the kit's components in on time (I'll keep my fingers and toes crossed)  - I will save that for another blog entry.

PS The real reason that there are so many NEW kits in progress is because of all of the new fabrics and patterns that have come into the shop this week!

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