Wednesday, December 16, 2009

TCU Design Students

Last Friday I was invited to see the work of Texas Christian University's fashion merchandising/design students. Their final project for the semester was to make a skirt. Most of these girls had never sewn anything before this class. They started off the term with pajama pants as their first project. The skirt project required that it have a zipper, so no elastic waists allowed! I met the students of both of Ms. Bailey's classes  at mid term. That is when she scheduled a "field trip" to our shop, The Grapevine Collection. We "opened" special just for them. I gave them a little background on how our shop came to be and what it has meant to me to be a shop owner. After purchasing fabric and notions from us, they were off to begin their projects. Check out these beautiful fabrics they chose!

I love the contrasting binding on a couple of these! Most of their skirts were on display during an open house at the Fashion Merchandising building at TCU's campus. They did a great job!
I think that this one was my favorite though! ~ Check out the ruffles on this black & white silk one. 

Here are a couple more . . .

Can you see the pretty top stitching detail on this purple floral? 

The girls are delightful and were so pleased with their new skills, as well as the addition to their wardrobes. I took quite a few pictures as you can see! Here are just a few of the girls! My one of them is quite young!

Keep up the great work, "frog-ettes"!

One of their "extra credit" projects was to make a pillow for charity. Aren't they cute!

And, here is a picture of the teacher, Stephanie Bailey, with her two sweet little girls!

Thank you so much for inviting me!

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  1. Lorene, I'm so glad you started a blog! You are so creative and I love hearing about the crafts you work on and the material you put together.