Monday, June 25, 2012

Two BIG Sewing Shows in one weekend!

Lots of NEW kits!
                       Yes, I totally should have my head examined! This past weekend Sew It Up took up four booths at Martha's Sewing Market at the Arlington Convention Center here in Texas. I lead two workshops for the pre-day Sit'n Sew; both working with the ruffle fabrics. Then between Thursday and Saturday I presented four seminars a total of seven times! Whew! And, boy were we ever busy!!!

                        Here are a few pictures of our booths. Many thanks go to Janice, Linda and her husband as well as my own husband. I was teaching so I nearly missed all of the "fun". But, after my workshops, I did get to enjoy the "set up"  for a couple of hours. Yes, it was a very long day as my alarm had gone off at 5am!

Look! ~  more NEW kits!
Some of our "goodies"!
Boy, were we busy!
Can you see Kay Whitt shopping in our booth!
                  Concurrently the Original Sewing and Quilt Expo sponsored a new sewing show at the convention center in downtown Raleigh, North Carolina. My daughter, Anna, lives about four hours from there so she drove down and ran a booth for Sew It Up. We shipped her fifteen boxes of goodies to display and sell.  Look at what a fabulous job she did setting everything up ~ all by herself!

Here is the center of the booth.

And, here is the right side.
                           It was a fabulous weekend! We got to visit with many of our customers who only come to Market but never to the shop. And, naturally, we met a lot of very nice new people! Of course, you should see the tear down of these booths - its funny how it an take hours and hours . . . all day as a matter of fact . . . to set up the booths, but it only takes about two hours to pack it all up.

Ah, the end is in sight!
                         I would like to thank all of our helpers as well as my workers for this year  - they are the ones that made it all possible - Thank you, Anna, Janice, Linda, Mary Ann, Madeleine, Joline, Shaun & Denise!

                        And, you will never believe it, but as I return to "reality",  I see an email from Quilts Inc. ~ they manage the International Quilt Show that takes place in Houston every fall. They are asking for my paperwork. And, just this afternoon, I received my first email regarding the Sprint 2013 show from the University of Washington regarding THE Sewing Expo ~ the one in Puyallup, Washington! Hmmm . . . so much for a reprise! 


  1. Wow! I know that took some work just to get ready to go! Great booth!

    1. Yes, indeed! Weeks of planning:)

  2. got "playtime - a striped ruffle skort"no pattern or directions were included.
    please advise where to find it so i can make the skort in time for xmas. thanks
    julia willeford @