Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Sexiest Shoes on the Planet!


              Oh My! I was out holiday shopping when I spied these incredible heels. I really needed to find some kind of a top to wear with a pretty black lace skirt hidden in the back of my closet, but I did not find a single one that appealed to me. BUT ~ these shoes just spoke to me! Naturally I had to try them on. Now, you must know that I am not in my twenties anymore and have not worn anything like these in quite a long while. I could not believe that I could actually walk in them! And, you will not believe it, but they were actually comfy! Nearly too good to be true.  So, I bought them and they came home with me. Yippee! I have had them "on display" in my bathroom for a few days now as I have been pondering what to wear with them. I could make something. After all, I do have a dinner party to go to this Friday ~ plenty of time! 

             I remembered that I had an outfit in my armoire - purchased over 10 years ago - size 4! Ha, we all know that will never work! I studied the skirt. It is floor length and concluded that I could remake it, sorry, I mean "recycle" it.  It will need to fit my now size 10 waistline which will change the overall length of the garment. Perhaps a tea-length. The skirt  is a gorgeous Dana B, a printed silk organza with a velvet ribbon at the hem and it looks fabulous with my killer shoes! I studied the price tag  ~ of over 10 years ago! ~ $179 Of course, I only paid $16 at a warehouse sale.  

                  Last night, I unpicked the zipper ~ I'll reuse it!  I cut the waistband off ~ after pinning the organza to its slippery silk lining. Then, using a yoke pattern  from of a skirt pattern that I like, I cut off the top of the skirt to match the top of the skirt pattern piece. Today I will baste the two layers of the skirt together, reinsert the zipper  and test fit the waist. I have not decided on a waist treatment yet. I like to design as I go. I'll let you know how it turns out. Then, its off to design the jacket/top! I have a silk velvet skirt, a matching silk jacket and a beaded lace jacket that I am going to cut up and put all into one stunning garment! Stay tuned and send good thoughts as I need to wear this Friday evening!


  1. And I have no doubt that you will rock those shoes! We need to get together. I'll have my people (meaning Tess) call your people (because you actually have people) to set something up! Hugs!

  2. Hurray! I would love to get together!!!

  3. Ooooh. So pretty. You will look fantastic!

  4. Ahhh, thanks! At least my feet will look great ~ I have to get the outfit ready!