Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Original Sewing & Quilting Expo Chantilly, VA

                We are back from Chantilly now, unpacked & inventoried. It was a great show! We sold out of many of our new kits and met lots of very friendly people. All of the pictures here are from our booth. The classes that I taught were wonderful ~ it always such a pleasure to share with others my passion for sewing and design! I had a most pleasurable visit with my daughter, Anna, in Charlottesville before the show and after ~ which I extended. It was not exactly by choice as I came down with  a cold right after the show :(  So, naturally, I had to rest up for the long drive back to Texas. How convenient!

                It usually takes about a week to get the shop back in order and this time has been no exception. It looks really good again, but not for long - lol! The Houston International Quilt Festival is just around the corner. So, we are busy getting a few more new kits made. All of these will be for the holidays. We'll have a new baby jacket, two new skirts, a velvet dress and a peasant dress for children, a fun new lady's apron and more!

                   As soon as we get the new kits ready, we will "preview" them for you here on the blog. So, I will throw it into high gear in order to have time to leave early to make it to the Houston Quilt Market which is always right before the Festival. My Mom lives in Houston, so I will be spending extra time there for a good visit!
                 On a final note, having driven from Bristol (Virginia) up to Charlottesville and on up to Chantilly, I believe that the entire state is beautiful! I am looking forward to my next visit!

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