Monday, September 13, 2010

Retreat Weekend!

        I spent this past weekend in Mineola, Texas hosting our Fall Sewing Retreat at the Southern Comfort Retreat House. It is always a blast and an absolute sewing extravaganza! This retreat's focus was on the  construction of children's clothing; specifically knits. However, our first project for this retreat with a little fall twirly skirt. It was not made out of knits ~ after all, we had to have the evening to prewash the knits for Saturday! The project that I chose for our first garment was "Boo" which is one of our newest kits! It is also pictured in the upper left of this blog.

Hey, Mona . . . looking good!
Mollie & Bettie, "real" sewing sisters!
Are you having fun yet, Denise!
Yes, Tracy, this is Heaven!

Below are some of the "Boos" that the attendees made on Friday night. 

I love the addition of multi-colored tulle under the lower ruffle!

Nancy's favorite colors!
This ain't no "prairie chicken" look"!

Some chose to use different fabrics (same pattern as "Boo"). 
And, then others, chose to test out a new pattern. On the right is the Girly Gore Skirt by Indygo Junction.

Of course, we do eat well at these retreats. Here are the dining rooms (see Linda in the kitchen! ~ she is our hostess extraordinaire ~the chef!) and part of our Friday night feast.

             On Saturday, we sewed with knits! Many of the ladies had never "touched" a knit before. Well, you know what I mean. They had never dared sew with them. We had lots of beautiful garments by the end of the day!

Here is Tracy with her first knit project finished!
       I do not know where everyone gets so much energy, but no one went to bed before midnight. For several it was much much later! By Sunday afternoon everyone had sewn up several little outfits and proud of their accomplishments as well as just a little tired. Memories were made, new sewing buddies were found and I think that many of us put a pound or two over the weekend! Ugh, that means back to the daily diet plan ~ eating healthy can be a little boring!

Just a little Hippie Chick!
Great fabric combination!

A new twist on "Maya"!
A cute little "Bubble" skirt.

Above  are a just a few more pictures of the incredible little outfits that were sewn at our retreat this past weekend. Wow, what a bunch of creative women! I am so blessed to be able to share with them! 


  1. Great retreat. Loved seeing old friends and making new ones. Our retreat is always full of
    fabric, friendship and food. Once again Lorene
    did a fantastic job with all the sewing goodies, kits and advice. Linda served up the best food ever - as always. We are truly blessed to be able to get together twice a year. Love it!

  2. That looks like it was so much fun. You all made some cute things.

  3. I am still waiting for the bell to ring to tell me when it is meal time and for someone to cook for me :-). Boy was that fun. I can't wait to do it again. I am not intimidated by knits nor shirring... what are we going to conquer next time? I had a fabulous time Lorene.

  4. I had a fabulous, relaxing time! I have already started to plan my projects for the next one! Easter dresses...sundresses...short sets :)

  5. THANK YOU! Yes, it was a blast! Until we meet again ~ in April...!!! Maybe I'll be hungry again by then!

  6. Thank you Lorene for taking the fear out of knits and putting the fun in learning about them! This was my 5th retreat and it was as wonderful as the last four. I always learn so much from everyone and get so inspired to try new things. I love hanging out with my "sewing sisters" - put me down for April! Maybe next time I will get to hang out at the cool lunch table - hahaha!

  7. I missed y'all at this retreat. Looks
    like all had fun... And made some
    beautiful clothes!! What about featuring some
    cute lil' boy clothes?? :)

    I am hoping to go to quilt festival. I usually never miss! My little guy will be one month.

    Take care!