Thursday, May 10, 2012

Our Banner is up!

               Yeah! On Monday evening - finally, our sign company arrived with our 15" long banner. It is beautiful! And, certainly eye catching. I think it is the needle! The sign is definitely noticeable from the highway. We have been super busy all week with lots of wonderful new people dropping in to check out the "new shop on the block." Everyone has been thrilled to find out that we are actually a real fabric store! That is what they are saying! Well, of course, we are! What exactly is an un-real store? I suppose they are referring to the big box fabric stores that predominately sell crafts these days. Hmmm . . . .

Here are a couple of pictures of the sign guys putting up our banner.
Measure twice and hammer once ~ see the tape measure up there!

Yeah, man, it is looking good!

And, after the banner was up, they cleaned the windows and added our door art.
Sew It Up Studio!
I love our new name. Once again, I think it is the needle that really makes it! And, the shop hours are now posted next to the door. We even had our street number above the door remade. All nice and new!

                     This is the third and final time for me to move the shop to a new location. Each time I forget how labor intensive it is; I suppose that is a good thing. Kind of like delivering a baby. If we remembered how painful it is, we would probably not have any more children! This shop is really looking good. All of our trims are now unpacked and beautifully displayed. The button cabinet is beautiful and, believe it or not, our classroom is nearly empty of boxes. We are currently working on the class calendar. Our new "back-up" cutting table is being stained and will be installed this Sunday. There is still furniture to be repainted; perhaps that will happen this Sunday as well. Ah, I can finally see it coming together. Which is a good thing since we are going to have a Grand Opening Celebration on Saturday, June 2nd!

I'll post pictures of the inside next!